Our working parties carrying out reserve maintenance

Cromwell Bottom Nature Reserve covers an area of approx. 76 acres of diverse habitat, including flower meadows, dry and wet woodland, ponds, a Sphagnum Bog and a lagoon. Working with Calderdale Council Countryside Service, volunteers work to maintain and improve the reserve’s habitats to support our diverse wildlife and make the reserve more accessible for everyone. This occurs throughout the year, restoring and maintaining havens to help all our species flourish.  A new pond has been created with seating and already there is an abundance of wildlife visiting it, some staying!  Pay a visit to our Dipping Platform along Tag Cut, where you will see plenty of damselflies, dragonflies and  a Moorhen or two!  

Clearing branches and dead trees
Our talented engineers building seats next to the new pond
One of the finished tables with seating next to the new pond
Creating accessible pathways
Working to keep our pathways safe
Saturday volunteers maintaining our habitats
Creating pathway borders
Volunteers making fascines from coppicing in the lagoon. Used to line embankments in the reserve