Barn Owls are a much loved bird. Many of us have been delighted to watch Barn Owls fly and hunt on the nature reserves we have visited. As a group, especially with the capping of North Loop and the subsequent meadows and margins that were created, it has been a bird that we had planned to attract.I am glad to be able to share with you and other concerned bodies that in late summer 2019 a pair took up residence and subsequently raised three juveniles. These three juveniles, all females, have been ringed and have now successfully fledged. It has been a delight to monitor them and watch their progress.

The Wildlife Group have produced a book about the experience they had of Barn Owls on the Reserve, complete with photographs, – with major contributions from Steve Downing (Local Licensed Raptor worker, Chair of Calderdale Raptor Study Group and Chair of Northern England Raptor Forum), Robin Dalton (Area Countryside Officer Calderdale MBC),  Hugh Firman (Conservation Officer Calderdale MBC and Simon Day, CBWG Trustee and Education Lead)

See the image to the left (or directly below if on mobile phone) and if you would like to purchase one (£10 – all proceeds to upkeep of the nature reserve) please click on the link below to go straight to your email page:


                                                                            Allan Wolfenden, January 2020

Cromwell Bottom Wildlife Group would be grateful if you do not download any images from this page and thank you for your respect of this.  All images below credit Allan Wolfenden and Graham Haigh.

Steve Downing ringing one of the chicks
Chicks in the newly made Barn Owl Box
Two in the box!
Juvenile preparing for take off!
Infra red image