Barn Owls at Cromwell Bottom

One of the chicks

Barn Owls are a much loved bird and a species we have been keen to attract to Cromwell Bottom reserve. We have worked hard to develop a habitat for Barn Owls in the reserve and so we were thrilled in late summer 2019, when a pair took up residence and subsequently raised three juveniles. These three juveniles, all females, have been ringed and have now successfully fledged. It has been a delight to monitor them and watch their progress. 

Subsequently we have produced a book about our experience of Barn Owls on the reserve, complete with photograph, courtesy of  Steve Downing (Local Licensed Raptor worker, Chair of Calderdale Raptor Study Group and Chair of Northern England Raptor Forum),  Robin Dalton (Area Countryside Officer Calderdale MBC),  Hugh Firman (Conservation Officer Calderdale MBC and Simon Day, Chair of CBWG.

If you would like to purchase one (£10 – all proceeds to upkeep of the nature reserve) please pop in to the Visitor Centre. Alternatively you can download a copy of the book – a PDF file which can then be stored on your computer and devices.  We respectfully request a donation for downloading and would suggest a minimum of £5. To make your donation and download the book,  please click on the links below:

For your donation - thank you
Your download - more pictures inside!
Steve Downing ringing one of the chicks
Chicks in the newly made Barn Owl Box
Juvenile in flight
Infrared image
Two in the box!